Menu bar - View

Menu bar

The [View] menu provides the following items:

Status Bar

Toggles the display of the status bar on and off.

Object Window

Toggles the display of the object window on and off.

Properties window

Toggles the display of the properties window on and off.

Message Window

Toggles the display of the message window on and off.

Show style tabs

Toggles style tabs display on and off.

Show As Workbook

Toggles the workbook display on and off.

Layout settings

Registers and deletes layouts.

Workspace Settings

Displays a properties window dialog for the workspace.

Display settings

Displays display setting properties for the window you selected in the properties window.

Palette Setting

Registers and deletes palettes.

Display color settings

Change the display color of a chart or table.


Refreshes Asprova display.

Simple render mode

Toggles the use of simple render mode for resource Gantt charts in the workspace.

Custom menu

Switch from default menu to custom menu.

When logged in to Asprova NLS or DS, “User type” of the user is “Normal user”, and this cannot be selected when “Menu management” of “Workspace” is “Project manager”. In this case, the project manager manages the menus of normal users, so that it is not possible to switch menus.

For details on custom menus, click here.

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