XML import and export(Data I/O Settings)

XML import and export

Import/export Data I/O settings with XML text file. ( Ver.13 restricted features. )

XML import

Imports Data I/O Settings in an XML format text file.
Imports are always added as new objects. (Even when objects under the same names already exist in Asprova, imported objects will be regarded as new additions.)

XML Export

Exports Data I/O Settings to an XML format text file.
There are several ways to export.


File menu

Selecting “File/XML Export/Data I/O Settings” from the menu causes all Data I/O Settings to be exported in XML format.

Popup menu for row part of Data I/O Settings table

Selecting “Export XML” from the popup menu displayed by right-clicking in the row number part of the Data I/O Settings table causes the data I/O settings to be exported in XML format.

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