Holiday table

By registering a holiday in the holiday table, the following becomes possible.

  1. The ratio of column width for that day will change according to the holiday width ratio holiday width ratio display setting of the Gantt chart.
  2. The display color of the top part of the Gantt chart will change. The display color is set in the "Chart top (holiday)" property on the "Time axis" tab of the Edit Palette dialog which is activated by clicking [View] - [Display color settings...].
  3. By specifying reserved word HOLS for the “Date or day of the week” property of the calendar table, you can specify the days registered in the holiday table. Through this, you can reflect the holiday registered in the holiday table to the calendar.

If "Yes" is set in the "Disabled flag" property of the holiday table, that holiday is ignored (Ver.14 restricted feature).

Download National Holidays (Ver.14 restricted feature)

You can download national holidays from the Internet by doing the following:

  1. “Download national holidays” right-click menu at top left part of holiday table
  2. “Table” - “Download national holidays” menu when the holiday table is activated
  3. Download national holidays command

If the “Download national holidays during loading project” property of the Workspace settings is set to “Yes”, the national holidays are downloaded at the same time that the project is loaded.

The countries for which the national holidays are to be downloaded is the country set with the following properties.

  • “Country” property of Workspace
  • “Country” property of Resource table
  • “Country” property of time chart display settings

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