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Using HTML view, you can display a file in HTML format. It is not only for WWW browsing but expanding Asprova to create free forms. Advanced features can be available using DHTML and script languages (VBScript, JavaScript, etc.) By installing ActiveX control, you can add features such as radar charts that cannot be realized by scripting.


Opening an HTML view

By entering a URL in the 'URL' property of the HTML view, the specified page can be viewed in the HTML view.

HTML files can also be dragged onto the HTML view window to be viewed.

Setting styles with the HTML view

Styles can also be set for HTML views.

Unlike other charts and tables, styles cannot be set by using the right-click popup menu.
Changing styles for HTML views is done by using the 'HTML view - Style settings' option in the main menu.
See here for details on styles.

Cautions when using Microsoft Office Web Components in the HTML view

In the HTML view in Sample 7 KPI and HTMLView, charts are being drawn using Microsoft Office Web Components (OWC).If your customizations using these components do not function correctly, please check the following.

(1)An error such as the script error shown below appears, and nothing appears in the Microsoft Office Web Component area of the HTML view

Environments in which this may occur:Microsoft office 2007


Office Web Components is needed. This can be downloaded from

For Ver.11.0.2 and later, download owc11.exe from the following website, and install it.

More information on this can be found at:

(2) A message appears saying that one or more ActiveX controls could not be shown due to security permissions, and nothing is shown in the HTML view

Environments in which this may occur: Windows XP SP2 or later, or Windows Vista


It is possible that access to the HTML file is blocked.
Please check the access permissions of the HTML file.

More information on this can be found at:


HTML view compatibility mode

From Ver. 14.0, compatibility mode is not applied to the HTML view.
If you need to change whether or not to apply compatibility mode, change the following registries by adding a value.

32-bit Asprova version


64-bit Asprova version


You can cancel compatibility mode by adding the key "Asprova.exe" to these registry entries and specifying "0".
When HTML View is displayed in Asprova of Ver. 14.0 or later, it is added automatically.
To apply compatibility mode, change the value of the above key to the value for the compatible version you want to apply.

Even if you are using Asprova of a version earlier than Ver. 14.0, you can change the compatibility mode applied to HTML View with the above settings.

For details on compatible versions and the values to be set, refer to the following Microsoft website.

However, since registries are very important for starting Windows, editing registries is to be done under your own responsibility. Please be exercise due care when editing registries.
It is a good idea to record the contents of Boot.ini before editing, or back up this file.

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