Column header popup menu

Lead Time Graph

The column header popup menu of a lead time graph is a popup menu that is displayed by right-clicking the mouse on the column names of the table view part of a lead time graph.

The column header popup menu of a lead time graph provides the following items:

Hide Column

Hides the column you selected.

Unhide Column

Unhides a hidden column(s).

Optimize Width

Optimizes the column width according to the length of data in the column.

Freeze Column

Freezes the column you selected. If you execute [Freeze Column], the frozen column and columns to the left of it will not scroll horizontally.

Unfreeze Column

Unfreezes a frozen column(s).

Merge Cells

Merges cells.

Unmerge Cells

Separates a merged cell.

Column Settings

Displays the Column Settings dialog.

Property Definition

Displays the contents of the property definition for the column currently pointed to by the mouse in the properties window.

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