Lead time graph

Table Time Chart Windows Overview

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The lead time graph is a table time chart that shows average lead times of orders with due dates within the summary period by each item.

Left part text expression

Items are shown on the left side of lead time chart (vertical axis). With item left part text expression property found from chart display settings (table tab), the contents of the information shown on left can be customized.

The above mentioned property setting is reflected to other charts such as operation chart and pegged order chart as well.

<Example>Item code + item name

Left part color expression (Ver.8 restricted feature)

In the table tab of the chart display setting, the following property can change the color of left side of the chart (vertical axis)
Item left part color expression
Before Ver.7.3.1, the color is unchangeable.

<Example>Color of spec1



In a lead time graph, you can perform various operations using the [Chart] menu available in the Menu.

Popup menu

Right-clicking the mouse on each area of a lead time graph invokes a corresponding popup menu.

Group display

The lead time graph of the item group code displays the lead time graph for the entire group.

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