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In chart display settings, it is possible to change the column width of day via 'Holiday width ratio' parameter in Time axis tab (From Ver.6.3.1)


Holiday settings (Holiday table)

Holiday table is used to designate certain days as holidays. Holiday table can be opened by selecting [Table View] - [Holiday] from the menu.

The holiday dates can be specified one by one using [Day] property. The format of the property is the same as the date format used in calendar table, but neither times nor time periods can be specified. How holiday dates are specified using YY/MM/DD format is illustrated below. The date format is stored in [Date format] property found under workspace settings.


It is possible to import and export the data in holiday table using data I/O functions. To know more about the mappings please refer here.


Holiday representation

The default value of holiday width ratio property is 0.1. Values 1.0, 0.5 and 1.5 stand for 100%, 50% and 150%, respectively. All the dates specified in holiday table are represented using the holiday width ratio property on the chart.


Holiday settings (Gantt chart)

Holidays can also be set using the top part popup menu on the Gantt chart.

(1) Setting as holiday

When selecting Holiday from the popup menu over a regular day,

The day is shown using holiday width ratio

The day is automatically added to the holiday table

The tick mark is shown on the left side of the popup menu


(2) Removing holiday setting

When selecting Holiday from the popup menu over day set as holiday,

The day is shown with normal width

The day is automatically removed from the holiday table

The tick mark is removed from the popup menu


When setting multiple days that are all holidays, the behaviour is as described in (2), applied to all the selected days. Otherwise, (1) is applied to the selected days.


Holiday width ratio and day of week zoom factor

When both holiday width ratio and day of week zoom factor can be applied to a day, holiday width ratio is given preference.

For example, in the following image Sunday is set at 50% width and the holiday width ratio as 10% width. Therefore, although 5/3 being Sunday the day is shown at 10% width, as it is set as holiday in holiday table. Furthermore, 5/10 is also Sunday, but it is shown at 50% width as it is not specified as holiday in the holiday table.


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