Specifying alternative resources

Here we will specify multiple resources that can produce the same item to use them as alternative resources.


  1. In the Integrated Master Editor, set multiple "use instruction" input rows that have the same item.
  2. For the use instructions you want to prioritize, specify bigger values for the "Resource priority".
  3. Depending on the value you specify for the property "Weight - resource priority" in the General tab of the scheduling parameter settings, you can create a schedule in which operations are assigned to resources with higher evaluation score.


For the inspection process of ProductA, InspectionLine1 to 3 can be used. Let's specify that operations will be assigned to InspectionLine1 first among the three resources.

[Integrated Master Editor]
ItemInstruction typeInstruction codeResource/ItemResource priority
ProductAUse instructionMInspectionLine19
ProductAUse instructionMInspectionLine21
ProductAUse instructionMInspectionLine31

*Note, however, that since the resource priority is not an absolute criterion, operations may be assigned to InspectionLine2 and InspectionLine3 depending on the scheduling parameter setting or assignment status.

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