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As in the case of a merging process, there are also two ways to express a branching process.

  1. Separating the BOM then pegging
  2. Linking processes using the previous process number

Let's look at two examples of how to express the model below.

<Setting example for method (1)>

In this example, if you specify orders to produce 200 of A, 100 of B, and 100 of C, operations will be generated for each order, and the operations will be pegged automatically. If you set the auto-replenishment feature for item A, you only have to specify orders to produce B and C and an order to produce A will be generated automatically.

<Setting example for method (2)>

Please pay attention when using previous process numbers.


When you specify a branching process, the process number of the process that produces the final item must be the largest among process numbers.


In the diagram below, process P30 is branched into two processes P40 and P45 and by-products A2 and final item A are output from those processes.

In that case, specify the master data as in the diagram below to set the largest process number for the process that outputs the final item.


If using the branching process, the output instructions can't be omitted. Please read here.



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