Asprova BOM

Module Structure

Command execution authority

Objects for which data input/output is allowed for each module


Asprova BOM is a terminal for inputting the Integrated Master. The master data of each item will be managed in a single table, and users may confirm the unified master data at a glance. This will make the master data input and confirmation easier, reduce the number of simple errors and further increase the business efficiency.
The registered Integrated Master may be used in Asprova MRP / Asprova MS/Asprova MRP, and users may unify the master data of long-term and short-term scheduling.


Master input

With Asprova BOM, users may input the following master data:

 Integrated Master
 Item Setup
 Resource Setup
 Spec setup
 Input Instruction Master
 Output Instruction Master
 Use Instruction Master

Quick Shoot

With Asprova BOM, users may schedule manufacturing orders to check whether or not the additional / edited master data will correctly explode / assign orders.

You will find "Quick Shoot" in the popup menu displayed by right-clicking on an item in the Integrated Master Editor table or Item table.

If you choose "Quick Shoot" from the popup menu, manufacturing orders for Quick Shoot will be added and scheduled by the currently selected scheduling parameter, displaying a composite chart.

When you add a new order on Asprova BOM (including the order automatically generated through the QuickShoot function), the “QuickShoot flag” property will be automatically attached to this new order.

* When rescheduling by Asprova BOM, the "Prepare for assignment" and "upload operations" commands will only gather orders with the "Quick Shoot flag" or their operations. As existing orders do not have the "Quick Shoot flag," they are forced to be non-eligible and are not subject to execution of these commands. Therefore, even in the data already containing orders and operations, the number of such existing orders / operations will not be included in the number of orders / operations subject to the constraints of Quick Shoot.

Orders with the Quick Shoot flag and any object (e.g., operation) below such orders will not be saved in a project file.
They cannot be exported, either.

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