Asprova SED

Module Structure

Command execution authority

Objects for which data input/output is allowed for each module


Asprova SED is a dedicated module for manually creating and changing schedules with a Gantt chart or Dispatching view.
A sequencing function for swapping around already assigned operations is also provided.
The sequencing function swaps around operations through a command execution function.
Since Asprova SED does not have a resource evaluation function, the swapping around of operations is done for current resources.

The following functions are not provided.

- Peg
- Auto-replenishment
- Resource evaluation
- Split operation
- Editing of scheduling parameters and scheduling commands

However, when using Asprova NLS and Asprova DS in linked fashion, if the following options are present for the scheduler modules, these options can be used if they are checked for the user to which Asprova SED is assigned in the user table of Asprova NLS. When Asprova SED uses options, the number of licenses is not consumed.

- Sub resource
- Branch process
- Split operation
- Group assign
- Time constraint MAX
- Resource lock

Further, when Asprova NLS is not used and only Asprova DS is used in linked fashion, the options of the scheduler module that was saved last can be used.

Scheduling parameter

In Asprova SED, scheduling parameters and scheduling commands cannot be edited.
Also, basically, only the following scheduling parameters prepared especially for Asprova SED can be executed.

Scheduling Parameter Name

Schedule selected orders on current resource

Command structure

Schedule selected orders on current resource
Upload selected orders
Filter orders
Unassign all
Explode orders
Group operations
Assign privileged operations
Assign privileged operations
Assign result constrained operations
Assign time fix constrained operations
Assign manufacturing orders
Evaluate schedule
Generate schedule summary
Generate item time series

* The group operations command is added only when there is a Group assign option.

Scheduling Parameter Settings

Assignment typeInfinite capacity
Assignment DirectionForward
Resource selection methodCurrent resource
User specified ESTME.'Production start time'
Filter ordersME.'Order type'=='M'

To run this parameter, press the Reschedule button while the order to be assigned is selected in the order table or the like.
As a result, operations that have not been assigned even once are assigned in the vicinity of the scheduling basis time by resource in order of appearance.
Operations that have been assigned once are assigned to the same resource and time as the previous time. (according to calendar changes)

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