Asprova MS

Module Structure

Command execution rights

Objects for which data input/output is allowed for each module


Asprova MS performs short-term planning and creates detailed schedules.



It can make short-term planning, such as the customer forecast orders or firm orders for next month, by setting it in the Sales plan table or order table.
The material purchasing lead time can be reduced according to the scheduled result. The work instructions can be generated and be used on the factory scene. Purchase plan, production plan, operation table or order table can be output.
The sequence of operations should be considered to make an executable detail planning for work instructions.
In addition, Asprova APS allows users to schedule long-term / midterm planning throughout finite capacity schedule.

Asprova MS is fit to make detail planning. "Finite capacity schedule" can be used in Asprova MS.
For more information about the Asprova MS scheduling logic, please refer here.


* Asprova MS is equivalent to modules preceding Asprova APS Ver.3.


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