26 How to plan and conduct the introduction project ( 13 min )
26.01 Steps for Implementing an Asprova Project

Let's now introduce you on how to implement Asprova on your company step by step in this video tutorial.
26.02 Understanding the Current Situation and Setting Goals

We will now show you how to fill out Asprova's Diagnostic Sheet. This is helpful for creating a proper prototype to see whether Asprova is suitable for your factory or not.
26.03 Creating a Prototype and Investigating Systematization

Aside from creating a prototype, we will be investigating systematization in this tutorial in implementing Asprova.
26.04 Signing the Contract, Creating Data, Starting Operation and Maintenance

After we have properly filled out the Diagnostic Sheet and decided that Asprova is suitable for your organization, we are now ready to learn how to start implementing Asprova in your factory and the necessary manpower needed in smooth and successful Asprova implementation.