21 Try out sample data ( 29 min )
21.01 Mixing - Packing - Inspection process

On this example, a factory is producing ProductA which goes through three processes - Mixing, Packing and Inspection. Let's see how to create this kind of scheduling using Asprova. In addition, we will show you how to make a new schedule considering a sudden rush order.
21.02 Plastic products, mixing - injection using molds

This second example will show you how to use two resources for one production process. This is typically used by manufacturers using molds in producing finished items.
21.03 Metal processing, cyclic long processes

This video will demonstrate how to use Asprova wherein processes are cyclic, repeated. This kind of scheduling is very hard if done manually, but you will see how much easier and a lot faster it will be with Asprova.
21.04 Mold production, Assembly process

We will demonstrate how you can make a production schedule where multiple items will merge into the last process to produce the finished item. You'll also see how easily, by using the mouse to drag and drop, to adjust schedules.
21.05 Sales - Production - Purchase scheduling

Now we are going to demonstrate the auto-replenishment function. This is a function that automatically registers replenishment orders to prevent a shortage of a raw material.